1. Musique ALDE Musique vendredi 17 juin Experts Thierry Bodin Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels en Œuvres d’Art Les Autographes 45, rue de l’Abbé Grégoire Paris Tél. 01 45 48 25 31 - Facs 01 45 48 92 67 [email protected] & François Roulmann Librairie de Musique ancienne François Roulmann 12, rue Beautreillis Paris Tél. 01 71 60 88 67 - 06 60 62 98
  2. played by the first violin is clearly constructed with the first motive of the TB in mind and is based on its characteristic descending triplet formula. 35 Doina is an archaic Romanian folk song (still cultivated in the present in some regions) that can be both a vocal or an instrumental genre and which usually expresses the outmost sadness.
  3. *The information provided in the first thirteen columns (A-M) must be identical for each nondramatic musical work designated in this Notice. Violin Concerto in A Minor, BWV II. Andante Orchestre du Théâtre national de l'Opéra-Comique,Georges Tzipine,Roger Gardès,Martha Angelici,Michel Roux,Christiane Castelli fcc4f39f-5e7b.
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