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  2. " Die Wacht am Rhein" (German: [diː ˈvaxt am ˈʁaɪn], The Watch on the Rhine) is a German patriotic anthem. The song's origins are rooted in the historical French–German enmity, and it was particularly popular in Germany during the Franco-Prussian War and the First World War.
  3. Rostock and Warnemünde. Rostock and Warnemünde in the German part of the Baltic Sea, was a favourite target for air attacks throughout the war. The city's location made it easy to find and had war-important industries, including the Heinkel aircraft factory and, the cities were a major transit point for the German’s connection to Denmark and Norway.
  4. November Allies attack Germans in North Africa D-Day invasion-June 6, , Normandy-Allies able to retake Paris Our Men Invade American Isolationism-neutrality acts and no trade Pearl Harbor, December 7, Finally causes declaration of war by FDR Germany and Italy.
  5. The first world war was the first time planes had been used in combat, the most famous planes in the war were the nieuport, the albatross and the fokker 2R1. the main purpose of a tank was to help troops move up but stay in cover, and to scare the enemies and .
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  7. Jan 16,  · Set during and just after the First World War, The Lie is an enthralling, heart-wrenching novel of love, memory and devastating loss by one of the UK’s most acclaimed storytellers. Cornwall, , early spring. A young man stands on a headland, looking out to sea. He is back from the war, homeless and without family/5.
  8. Blog. 13 December Impeachment lesson plan: Up close to the impeachment; 3 December The Prezi Awards are here: Show us what you’ve got!
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