1. El próximo jueves 05 de julio, a partir de las horas, la banda belga de Fast Crust TRAVØLTA establecen la Nave country.shagoresamumkathridred.infoinfo-Zero (C/ Francia 46, Palencia) como una parada más dentro de su gira europea para ofrecernos en directo un asalto de su violencia sonora, a la que la organización espera sumar al menos otra banda más. La sala abrirá sus puertas a las horas para calentar.
  2. MARXBROS / TRAVOLTA split 12 LP (LONER CULT) Travølta is raging since March Since then we released a couple of records and played numerous shows. We're kinda political but especially sarcastic! Positivity and a nice attitude are our trademark, but anger runs in our veins!
  3. TRAVØLTA from Belgium started in and since then have released four split records with Days Of Desolation, Gewoon Fuckign Raggen, Marxbros and Boom. Time has come to issue their own LP which is now in production, entitled “In Tinnitus We Crust”. The title may suggest, crust fans will find som.
  4. MARXBROS / TRAVOLTA - Split 12" On the flip side, Belgian TRAVØLTA have expertly crafted thirteen tracks of angry blasty modern hardcore inspired fast punk. Coming off the back of splits with the likes of Thou, Cloud Rat and Disrotted; Moloch release their 2nd full length LP. Recorded by James Atkinson (Rot in Hell, Gentlemans Pistols.
  5. Split LP with MARXBROS by TRAVØLTA, released 1. Heultje Deathmatch 2. Black Sheep 3. High Horse Wankers 4. Anti-Capitalist Hardcore 5. Radioactive Wonderland 6. Das N-VA is Niks Ver A 7. Gods VS Bombs 8. The New Crust 9. Back Off Anarcho Toilet Revolution Nice Record Anyway The Idiots Rule the World This is Antwerp Not LA Travølta's side: 1.
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