1. On page Golding writes "He staggered to his feet and saw a huge peaked cap. It was white-topped cap, and above the shade of the green was a crown, an anchor, gold foliage. He saw white drill, epaulets, a revolver, a row of gilt buttons down the front of a uniform.".
  2. Half-handed Cloud - Grandfather Foreskin Top Half-handed Cloud Lyrics We're Very Greatly Loved The Famine's Hard Eyes Peeled Place Your Wind Against My Sails Rise To The Heavens On Evaporation Celebrating Hearts Aligned Out Of Crudeness: Healing Skip The Rope You Wouldn't Embarrass Me Would You Feed Your Sheep A Burning Lamp.
  3. Grandfather Foreskin () Quail () Thumb/Toe Collection () Animals Are Cut in Two () Disaster Will Come Upon You & You Will Not Know How to Conjure It Away () Jael Peg Caper () Everyone Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes () Considered It a Loan ().
  4. Learning About Your Scale () Worlds In Speech, Now In Reach!, Let's Build A Planet, Look How We Made These People, Eating Bad-Bad Fruit, Serpent Head Crushed, Baby Moon, If Before We Were Coughing, Can't Even Breathe On My Own Two Feet, Hope For .
  5. The confusingly-titled Thy Is A Word and Feet Need Lamps is a bizarre, short spin (the album clocks in at just over 30 minutes) and features progressive pop numbers with busy arrangements, reflective lyrics, and strange sounding vocals. Ringhofer seems to be a master at combining the silly with the profound.
  6. Rainbow Bridge Our Rainbow Bridge page is provided to friends and supporters of Golden Rescue South Florida as a means to remember beloved Goldens. With a donation of $25, you can post a photo and paragraph about your Golden. Golden Rescue South Florida is a .
  7. As a promise to stand by his word, Old Scratch presses his finger into Tom's forehead, leaving a black, burned mark that he calls his "signature." Tom can't help but share the secret with his wife, who is immediately enticed by the promise of gold; only to contradict her, however, Tom tells her he isn't planning on taking the deal.
  8. The slightly pagan themes, strange time signatures, communal living structures, and arsenals of found instruments sound awfully progressive, so if the Danielson Famile are Comus, then Half-Handed Cloud are the genre's Incredible String Band.7/
  9. Grandfather Foreskin, a song by Half-Handed Cloud on Spotify. Grandfather Foreskin. Featured on Thy is a Word, and Feet Need Lamps. More by Half-Handed Cloud. Gathered Out Of Thin Air. Flying Scroll Flight Control. As Stowaways in Cabinets of Surf, We Live-out in Our Members a .
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