1. The Act substantially reforms domestic law pertaining to guardianship, access and custody of children and represents a major and overdue reform of this area of law. This Chapter will therefore make reference to the law currently in force as well as the changes that will be .
  2. M.K.Čiurlionis, country.shagoresamumkathridred.infoinfort. M.K.ČIURLIONIS Styginių kvartetas c-moll, VL 1 Allegro 11'46 20 Fuga fis-moll / Fugue in F sharp minor 21 Fuga G-dur / Fugue in G major Rokas Zubovas (fortepijonas / piano; CD 2: 9) Beethoven. Viduriniojo kūrybos laikotarpio styginių kvartetai / .
  3. 65 st a t e-Building F r o m t h e ou t s i d e-in: unmik a n d it s Pa r a d o x Nicolas Lemay-Hébert If most of the literature on state-building has extensively covered the .
  4. The K.U.R.V.A. are a Kaunas City–based hip-hop musical project, consisting of five regular members: Rolizzz (beatmaker), Maxi J (beatmaker, dj), Mc Tomutis (lyrics, mc), Koshmarasz (beatmaker, lyrics, mc), Andrius (lyrics, mc). The project is open for new members. The project became known to hip hop fans following the release of the independent singles Dabar Arba Niekada (Now or Never.
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