1. The New York Sour is just Whiskey, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup, shaken and served on the rocks. Then, they carefully float red wine on the top for all that gorgeous color. It sorta reminds me of a home made Sangria Punch my mother used to make for the holidays.
  2. Jan 30,  · Breckenridge Bourbon is my favorite local Colorado whiskey. But not all 2-year old whiskeys are bad! The Sudden Wisdom Rye by Montgomery Distillery is pretty awesome. level 1. reasonrob. 7 points · 1 year ago. I like Stranahan's, but I would recommend Laws as a .
  3. Oct 19,  · Stale taste of whiskey fresh on my mouth Hot cup of coffee, smoke in my hand Another day in the life of the guitar man la da da * Last night was a good night, as I reach in my jeans Found some crumpled-up ones, a few tens in between And a redhead named Annie, she’s still fast asleep Made me make her a promise she knows I can’t keep la da daAuthor: Meghan Welch.
  4. Were an artisan distillery in Northern Nevada. We're distilling whiskey, rum and other spirits in new and unique ways! Branded Hearts Distillery founders, Joshua Nichols and Ryan Cherrick, offer a perspective on life and business that is as unique as the spirits they engineer. When Josh and Ryan took a dramatic detour from their careers in law enforcement, they didn't look at themselves as.
  5. Green River Ordinance "Red Fire Night": I'll bring the whiskey, you bring the wine Make a few memories on a red fire night Throw your bags in my old Bronco Three day weekend and it's time to go Make a few memories on a red fire night There's a magic when that west wind blows.
  6. Apr 14,  · There’s Now Diet Whiskey: Will Whiskey Lovers Go For It, And Do Dieters Even Care? Can you see Bethenny Frankel and her followers saying “I better cut down on all that rye if I want to.
  7. Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! Cigarettes and whiskey Broken hearts and memories All come together in this bar Cigarettes and whiskey Share this feeling with me They help me through another night Of wondering where you are I'll sit here at my table And drink until I'm able Go on home Without you on my mind I'll blame my tears on the smoke Say the whiskey made.
  8. I also had a belly full of barbecued skirt steak, the remains of which linger in the background of this photo. I was ready to have my glass and get into bed. For night three of my wine quest Author: Angela Andaloro.
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