1. Dec 05,  · AIDAN BAKER + BRANDON VALDIVIA: One half of Nadja teams up with a drummer for some spaced out blissy jazziness, super limited 3"cd. V/A MINIMAL WAVE TAPES: An incredible collection of long lost cold wave, new wave and synth punk jems. Double disc collection of the singles that made 'em the punk rock IT band dujour. GEIST: German black.
  2. IDLE HANDS share this happy occasion with us and pin the tail on the donkey with their version of SHOCK's "This generation's is on vacation", extremely catchy and just right for this party! Hellacious Acres their second album produced by Roy Thomas Baker in and featured the singles "Sticks and Stones" and "Line Em Up". A very hard.
  3. F:\music.(a-z).scene\ | | |_Maniacs-Few_And_Far_Between-(EP)EMG_INT | |_Maniacs-Love_Among_The_RuinsEMG_INT | |_Maniacs-MTV.
  4. I can't believe I had to add this album when word's been out for a while. you don't deserve this record and you don't deserve life. you don't deserve what i'm about to tell you either. rumour has it that the band name comes from their planet of the apes version of iron man and that monkey is real so I can warn you where it is in your proximity.
  5. dj abstract home bio sample mixes music library random and recent originals. Recently Added: Random.
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  7. Remastered Version Radio Silence was originally self-released in by Between Interval's Stefan Jönsson on black CD-R in a very limited edition which quickly sold out. This new edition, remastered by Howard Givens, is now available on Spotted Peccary's Wanderings label and sounds better than ever! TRACKS 1. From a Silent Surface 2.
  8. repress! The fourth release is a big one for Holding Hands as they branch out into brand new territory with their first new signing on the label. Breaka usually runs in very diff.
  9. Dance Annalie Prime-Another One-WEBPOWPOW\ Fallen Roses and B Dom-Lies We Told-WEBPOWPOW\ Optimus-I Imagine (Feat Angela Ruggiero)-WEBPOSH\.
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